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Environmental Theming

Hospital Theming
Hospital Theming
Ambient Lighting

"Patient satisfaction begins in the foundation of the hospital and is carried out through the staff."

Patients and visitors entering a medical facility are often afraid and worried because they do not know what to expect in what is typically an unfamiliar setting associated with pain and illness. The BF team are experts at changing this perception by incorporating features into hospital design that reduce stress, promote healing and allow patients to be in control of their environment. Our goal is to create innovative spaces that alleviate fear and stress. Healing spaces consist of a variety of components including artwork, virtual environments, color, texture, music, scents, and lighting.

Children's Environments

Children are incredibly perceptive to their surroundings and are affected the most by their environment.  We have worked with spectacular hospitals, imaging facilities, and burn centers to create environments that younger patients feel more comfortable in. Our initial findings indicate there are less sedation rates, cancellations, and anxiety in children after we redesigned the waiting room, exam room, and imaging modality with them in mind.  

Adult Patient Environments

Medical exams do not always have to be cold, sterile, and colorless.  Cater to a broad range of patients with themes that are inviting, warm, and friendly for all ages.  Our themes were carefully thought out to incorporate elements that the patient would feel more comfortable in while waiting for test results or while having a procedure done.  As an added benefit, employees and technicians love it too!  

Digital Environment Examples

Our vendor neutral designs work with any modality; no HL-7 integrations here! DTI offers the highest level of technology and design to incorporate into the sleek look of medical imaging facilities.  Ambient lighting that reflects the patient's favorite color and motions themes of the patient's preference projected directly on the CT or MR gantry both add to the personalized experience.